Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba
Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba laser therapy Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba massage therapy Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba reflexology Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba nutritional counseling Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba
Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Massage Therapy

  • Choice of: Deep Tissue, Relaxation or Injury treatment.
  • confidentiality and privacy maintained
  • Professional draping techniques
  • Choice of: 100% pure Aromatherapy Oils or "nonscented" natural oils
  • Goal is structural alignment, pain relief, reduced tone in hypertonic (over tight) muscles, and generally relaxation

What to expect first visit

First appointment it is best to allow 1 1/2 hours. A case history is initially taken, this is generally followed by an assessment checking for structural alignment and assymetries. Foot arches may be also assessed to determine if they are part of the problem. This initial assessment, case history and client's request will determine problem areas and what needs treatment today

What is physiological efficient posture?

Physiologically Efficient Posture refers to the body being held, carried in such a manner that there is the least mechanical strain on the body. From side view it refers to an alignment of body parts so that the ear, A/C joint of shoulder, hip socket, knee and ankle are all in line. This allows least strain on the back, neck and other areas of the body. When we do not have Physiologically Efficient Posture, strain patterns develop in the muscles that eventually lead to pain if untreated.


How does it relate to massage at our practice?

Our goal is to bring the body back into correct postural and structural alignment, We seek to achieve that through releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak ones that are causing the problem. In most cases back and neck pain will be relieved or gone.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Brings oxygen to muscles
  • Increases bloodflow through muscles
  • Moves cellular waste from muscles
  • Aids in bringing structural alignment to the body (with a trained practicitioner)
  • Relaxes muscles, often the whole body
  • Can relieve fatigue, speeds healing
  • Reduces pain, muscle-ache
  • Can relieve tension headaches
  • Aids Immune System by moving lymph
  • Reduces tension and calms Nervous System
  • Cramps and "knots" are released Tsychological and emotional benefit if you need a listening ear



Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure oils or ointments for therapeutic reasons in treatment. Each essential oil has certain properties, giving benifits and effects on the body. Pain relief, calming the body and mood enhancement are a few. An example is: Peppermint Oil used for inflammation, pain relief and digestive problems.


Descriptions of what the massage feels like vary greatly:

  • "Paul thoroughly inquired about my problems, then (after assessment) went to work... Along with massage therapy, Paul gave exercises. My legs feel 100% better, much stronger... Able to work more and don't end up with the severe leg and back pains." L. CUMER

  • "My neck and back were a problem. Since I have been under Paul's care for massage, I feel much better, more relaxed and relieved of pain. He educates me on exercises to perform at home." S. COMEAULT

Massage -  Steinbach and Winnipeg, Manitoba
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